Dictum-Rescue Königslutter

Digital communication assistance tool for non-German speaking patients in paramedic care

Being able to communicate information about acute symptoms and previous illnesses is an essential aspect for every medical treatment. For patients with limited proficiency of the national language and their healthcare professionals communication can be challenging. In situations of miscommunication, patients' safety can be affected. This applies in particular if no suitable interpreters are directly available.

In DICTUM Rescue we would like to provide a digital communication assistance tool for the medical emergency services. It is designed with the purpose of supporting paramedics in overcoming language barriers in situations where no interpreters are available. The communication assistance tool is developed in close cooperation with paramedics, and it is deployed, tested and evaluated as part of a piloting clinical study. More details about the study can be found in our study protocol.

Project number: 2818LD007

Project duration: 09/2018 – 08/2020

The project is registered in the German Register of Clinical Studies under DRKS00016719.